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Eyelash Extensions

From experienced glamazons to first time blooming beauties alike, each and every client making an appointment with at Safir Beauty can expect the very best.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions accentuate the beauty of the length and thickness of your own lashes. The process is semi permanent and involves the professional adhering of a silk fibre lash to each individual eyelash of your own, one by one. This transforms your eyelashes into being longer, thicker, fuller, natural feeling and flawless looking of your own lashes without the need of an eyelash curler or mascara.

Light to wear. Lasts the life of the natural lash.

Variety of length & thickness to choose from.

Safe to bathe and swim. Simple, pain-free application.

Application of your full set of lashes usually takes about 45 minutes and will last up 4-5 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions Infill

Eyelashes naturally fall out in regular intervals. After having a full set of eyelash extensions, touch-ups/Infill are usually required between 2-3 weeks. Normally it takes 30 minutes to have a touch-ups, depending on how many lashes need replacing.

eyelash extensions

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